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Question 1:: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Shipping to USA & Canada takes around 4-7 business days.Our main courier is Purolator/UPS. Please be patient with delivery time.It may be 1-2 days customs clearance delay.

Question 2:: What is the warranty on your bathroom exhaust fans?

Answer: It is a 1 year warranty against factory defects. Please provide us with your shipping address to claim your warranty. We will replace any defected part within 1 year of the delivery date.

Question 3:: Do we offer local pick up? Is it free?

Answer: Yes,we do, please call us to set up time and prepare item you bought for you ! Yes, it is free.

Question 4: Where are you ship from? Answer: For Canadian customers we ship from Canada, for USA clients we ship from USA warehouse- no any customs duties for our clients on both sides of border..

Question 5: Where is the best location to install my bathroom exhaust fan?

Answer: Typically a bathroom exhaust fan should be mounted as close to or inside (if rated for tub shower use to the shower or tub as possible. This will maximize the effectiveness of the unit. Units located in a powder room, should be directly over the toilet.

Question 6:Question:Can I use a speed control with my exhaust fan?

Answer: Only units designed for use with a speed control can utilize one.Most of our bathroom fans should not be put on a speed control.

Question 7:.Why my exhaust fan is louder than normal?

Answer: This is probably attributed to one of the following:

7.1. The motor is loose - turn off power to the unit, remove the grill cover and check that if all screws are tightened.

7.2. The fan blades are hitting the housing of the unit - turn off power to the unit, remove the cover and check if the blades is fully inserted on the motor shaft.

Question 8: Can exhaust fan with light be connected with light and fan on separate lines?

Answer: Yes it can, see manual for detail.

Question 9:.How long should a bath fan run after a shower is used?

Answer: It is recommended than fan should be left on for at least 20 minutes to clear humidity adequately.

Question 10:.Why do the windows and mirrors fog even when the bathroom exhaust fan is running?

Answer: If windows and mirrors are very cold, condensation can still form on these surfaces. And if your bathroom is sealed tightly, replacement air may not be entering the room fast enough to displace the moist air.

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